PABBATHI VENKATESHWARLU from Nalgonda is requesting funding for stationery

  • 2 Door Mini Almirah For School Office

$169 Requested

$169 Remaining

Ends in 30 days


Secondary (9-10)


Nalgonda, Telangana

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  • 2 Door Mini Almirah For School Office

About The Project

This Mini Storage Almarah will serve as a centralized hub where our students can access resources conveniently, ensuring they have the necessary tools for their studies. By maintaining a well-organized and easily accessible storage space, we aim to create an environment that encourages a love for learning and supports our students’ educational journey. Your donation, whether big or small, will directly impact the educational experience of our students, enabling them to excel and reach their full potential. Your support will not only benefit our current students but will also leave a lasting impact on future generations, fostering a culture of learning and academic achievement within our community.