Transparency is one of our core values, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your generosity made a real difference.

project supplies and costs

95% of Funding Directly Supports Classroom Projects

When you find a classroom project and donate, 95 percent of the funds go directly to purchasing the supplies necessary for completion. We make it easy. Simply make a donation in any amount, and we handle the rest.

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Project Supplies

The bulk of funds is used to purchase requested materials, like textbooks, computers, and desks, etc. and have them delivered to the classroom


Operating Costs

In order to maintain the Upgrade My Classroom website and keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, we keep operating costs at only 5 percent of the total project budget.

Keeping You Informed

We want you to feel confident that your donation goes directly to support the classroom, which is why our team members are available to answer your questions and keep you updated during every phase of the project. Upon project completion, you will receive photos of the finished project.